Water Flosser: Flossing Just Got Easier

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What is a Water Flosser?

A water flosser, or waterpik, is the point-and-shoot super soaker of flossing!

With regular floss, you have to maneuver dental floss around the teeth and gums. It can be difficult and cumbersome for kids, and even adults get tired of doing it.

Instead, water flossers squirt the water stream at the teeth and gum areas. This targeted stream of water gets into crevices to flush out plaque and oral debris left behind after brushing. It’s easy and fun to use, and it doesn’t require manual dexterity or skill.


Who should use a waterpik?

If you have a child or teen who doesn’t like flossing, arming them with a water flosser can save their smile. They will have no more excuses to floss!

While not quite as powerful as flossing traditionally, the best water flossers are far more effective than not flossing at all.

By leveraging an effective flossing tool, your child is more likely engrain this daily habit. It sets the foundation for a lifetime of healthier teeth and gums.

Little girl using water flosser making a cute face

Fun for kids: Your child would not be the first to see a waterpik as a small squirt gun. The water stream is fun to apply and feels good on the gums. (Just make sure they don’t use it to spray their siblings!)

Plus, water flossers are easy to use. Fill up the reservoir with some warm water, have your child select the waterpik tip they like, and set the water pressure to a comfortable setting. Next, show your child how to point the tip between their teeth. Move the water flosser along the gum line at a 90-degree angle.

Once you show them a few times, kids are easily able to take over themselves. It sure cuts down on the flossing battle, or the need to hold their head still while you floss their teeth yourself!



Flossing with Braces

Water flossers are perfect for braces.

Food tends to get stuck in your child’s braces. It can be difficult to remove trapped food particles and dental plaque, leading to tooth decay and gum disease.

The water flosser is great for cleaning around each braces bracket, especially using the appropriate tip designed to clean around them.

Flushing out any leftover bits of food will effectively remove harmful plaque. Water flossing also works great for kids with sensitive teeth.

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