Mouth Guards

If your child engages in contact sports of any kind, keeping their smile safe while they play is important!

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Mouth guards are designed to protect a person’s teeth and mouth from injury sustained while engaged in sports activities. They are commonly required by schools and intramural organizations for children and adolescents participating in sports.

While there are a variety of mouth guards available for purchase from sporting goods stores and pharmacies, we recommend that your child use a custom mouth guard from Orem Pediatric Dentistry. This helps ensure proper fit and function of the appliance–a poorly-fitting mouth guard can actually cause damage on its own. Custom mouth guards are especially important for patients currently wearing braces or with other special dental considerations.

One of the most common chronic dental conditions is teeth grinding. Many people, including children, clench and grind their teeth. While this behavior is sometimes exhibited during the day, often as a result of stress, most people grind their teeth during sleep.

Teeth grinding, or bruxism, causes or contributes to a number of serious dental problems, including accelerated wear on tooth surfaces, soreness in the face and jaw, and even cracks and chips in the teeth. It can also play a role in heightened tooth sensitivity and frequent headaches.

If your child is exhibiting these or other signs of bruxism, Dr. R. Bruce Howell may recommend the use of a night guard.

These are custom mouth guards designed to be worn during sleep, and help prevent the harmful effects of teeth grinding. Each is carefully designed to be as comfortable as possible so as to allow uninterrupted, peaceful sleep.

While teeth grinding is common among small children, often, a night guard may not be necessary or beneficial for them. Small children often outgrown their teeth grinding. If your child is feeling stressed or anxious, identifying and eliminating its cause can also help end their teeth grinding. Our team will work with your family for the best individual solution.

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