WaterLase® No-Shot Dentistry

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WaterLase® is an innovative dental technology we are pleased to feature at Orem Pediatric Dentistry. WaterLase combines laser energy with air and water to provide precise, comfortable treatment. We may use lasers to assist in various treatments, including filling cavities and root canal therapy.


Though the WaterLase machine sounds like “water laser,” it does not use radiation. Instead, the device shoots an ionized light beam into a water tank. Once the water is ionized, the machine creates a “water scalpel” for the most precise cut.

Pain-Free Cavity Fillings

The WaterLase can cut through soft or hard tissue in the mouth, so it is much more precise than traditional dental drills.  It’s our #1 choice for multiple different types of treatment. Even better, this precision enables us to keep 85% of patients pain-free without anesthetic.  It’s why parents have started seeking out dentists who use a water laser.

The Best Diagnostic Technology

With the WaterLase, Dr. Howell measures the density of dentin and enamel to identify cavities earlier than other dentists can. Early detection gives us a head start on treating cavities before they become too severe.


Dr. R. Bruce Howell is proud to utilize the WaterLase instrument at our office as part of our commitment to our patients. We invite you to learn how we can make your child’s next appointment with our dentist more comfortable and more efficient with WaterLase laser dentistry in Orem, Utah. Call us today at 801-802-7200 to learn more about our comprehensive pediatric dental services and to schedule your child’s next appointment.

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