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We focus on helping kids have fun at the dentist.
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Meet our team of dedicated professionals who love making kids smile every day. See which assistants will be caring for your kids. Learn how Dr. Howell has earned the reputation of Orem’s top pediatric dentist for 34+ years.

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See how our office space keeps kids comfortable, minimizes fear, and makes dental visits fun. From incredible visuals to fun activities, our office keeps kids occupied and gets them excited for their next appointment.


Resources for parents. Struggling to get your kids to brush their teeth? Wondering if your kids need braces? Looking for specific forms you need to fill out before your appointment? Find it all here.

Welcome to Orem Pediatric Dentistry, a state-of-the-art dental facility specializing in pediatric dental care. We are excited to provide a positive dental experience for you and your child in our welcoming, family-friendly office.

Dr. R. Bruce Howell and our entire team care about your child’s dental health, as well as fostering an environment that promotes high self-esteem and instills confidence in our patients.

Our ultimate goal for every child is for them to become a better person and have a positive impact on others as a result of having been in our dental office. We feel that every child deserves healthy teeth and to feel comfortable with sharing their smile with the world. Learn how our pediatric dentist in Orem, Utah, can give your entire family a reason to smile today by calling 801-802-7200.

Services We Offer!

Lip Tie Treatment

A quick, painless lip and tongue tie treatment in Orem, Utah could bring back normal, frustration-free feedings in as little as one day.

Mouth Guards

Dr. R. Bruce Howell recommends that your child wear a protective mouth guard if he or she participates in any contact sport.

Oral Surgery

The team at Orem Pediatric Dentistry does whatever possible to prevent the need for dental extractions.

WaterLase No-Shot Dentistry

WaterLase® is an innovative dental technology we are pleased to feature at Orem Pediatric Dentistry.

Tongue Tie Treatment

This tongue tie correction increases mobility of the tongue and can eliminate infant feeding issues.


You can get braces treatment by the best orthodontics office for FastBraces® in Utah Valley.

General Dentistry

We are pleased to offer gentle cleaning services and thorough dental exams at Orem Pediatric Dentistry.

Sedation Dentistry

We are pleased to feature a variety of sedation options, including general anesthesia and nitrous oxide.

Preventative Dental Care

Rather than waiting until your child has deep cavities and needs painful treatment, we focus on preventing cavities in the first place.

Comprehensive Dental Care for Your Child

From routine teeth cleanings and digital x-rays to extractions and orthodontics, Orem Pediatric Dentistry provides complete dental care for your child. Our facility features the latest in dental technology, allowing Dr. Howell and our staff to provide the highest quality care possible.

Our schedule fills up fast.

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We are excited to provide a positive dental experience for you & your child in our welcoming, family-friendly office.

I take both my kids here, and have for a few years. Dr. Howell is very caring, and takes great care of his patients. I was happy to have my daughter undergo general anesthesia when she needed work done beyond cleanings, because she very anxious about dental work, and it was much better for her that way. I find the staff to be focused on doing the best thing for the kids, which is what’s really important.


I came into this office with my son in severe pain. They were willing to help him right away. The dentist - Dr. Howell - was amazing. We had another dentist but we are going to switch to Orem. Brenda, the receptionist was also amazing. The way this place treats children is the way all children should be treated


I love that I can bring all 4 of my kids at the same time. The whole staff help out and making doing so many at a time a piece of cake. Something that would normally give me anxiety was so easy and fast. They are also good with my child on the Autism Spectrum and calming her anxiety.


New Breakthrough!

Did you know small cavities can be healed?

Avoid expensive, painful drilling with a diagnostic visit today. If we catch your child’s cavities soon enough, we can health them with a special compound that eliminates the need for further treatment.

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Open Weekday Evenings (mon – Thu) 5 PM- 7 PM & 3rd Saturday of Each Month!

We know how busy your schedule is, and we know how difficult it can be to take time off work for your child’s dental appointments.

We are the only pediatric dentist in Orem that’s open every 3rd Saturday and until 7 PM on weekdays. This is because we put kids first, and we never want scheduling to be the reason a child can’t receive dental care.

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