New Year’s Dental Resolutions for Parents

Family brushing their teeth together

Well, parents, it is a new year. We hope that 2022 was a good year for you. But no matter how it turned out for you, we are in a new year, and you get to wipe the slate clean and start anew in 2023. As this is the time to make resolutions, we would like to share some ideas for Resolutions for Parents regarding their children’s dental health.

Share in the brushing routine.

One of the best ways to teach children anything is by setting a good example. If you have been in the habit of telling your children before bedtime, “Go brush your teeth,” try doing it together instead. Especially with parents’ busy schedules today, brushing together will create more time you spend with your kids. And remember flossing. If your children don’t know how to floss, this is an excellent time to teach them!

Reward your children for brushing their teeth.

Picture showing lady, young girl, star chart, Reward your children for brushing their teeth.


A reward system can give your children some incentive to brush their teeth and may make it easier for you to get them to do so. You can make a sticker chart and let them pick out the stickers. You could give them a prize after they have brushed their teeth twice a day for a given period. For very young children, that might be one week; for older children, a bigger prize for a whole month.

Get the family to eat healthier.

Let’s look at this from an oral health viewpoint (but you should evaluate this for your general health too). Cutting back on sugary snacks can improve your children’s oral health. Tooth decay strikes more rapidly when they are eating a lot of sugar. Choose sugar-free snacks and drinks. Also, take care to avoid overly acidic foods. Too much acid contributes to tooth decay, so ensure everyone brushes their teeth well after an acidic snack. If brushing right away is not possible, drinking water or chewing sugar-free gum can also help neutralize acids. Add more leafy greens to your family’s meals. Leafy greens are high in calcium. Calcium strengthens the hard outer shell of your tooth, called enamel. Also, fibrous foods are good for your body and help your mouth create more saliva to scrub away plaque and strengthen your teeth.

Keep everyone hydrated.

Drinking plenty of water can significantly improve overall health and oral health. For oral health, drinking water helps rinse away food particles that can get trapped between your teeth. If food particles are left behind after you eat, they become a feeding source for bacteria to grow and multiply. Did you know that rinsing your mouth with water or drinking a glass of water after a meal can reduce the harmful bacteria in your mouth by 30%? Also, water keeps you hydrated, which helps your body produce enough saliva to protect your mouth from bacteria. If your kids balk at drinking plain water, there are many flavored sparkling water brands. You can also flavor plain water with thin fruit slices.

Schedule your child’s dental checkup appointments.

Routine dental exams and cleanings are essential to maintaining a healthy smile, especially for children. Developing smiles are particularly prone to decay, so keep their regular visits to the dentist. We are pleased to offer gentle cleaning services and thorough dental exams at Orem Pediatric. Our team has special training in working and communicating with children. So, we make it fun to come to the dentist!

Final Words

You play a vital role in your child’s oral care. Our friendly dental team will assist you with any questions you might have and will provide the best service for you and your child. Together, we can keep your child on the road to a healthy life with healthy teeth! Happy New Year! Your Friendly Team at Orem Pediatric Dentistry

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