Innovative Technology at Orem Pediatric Dentistry for Children’s Dental Anesthesia

child at dentist office smiling, high five, Innovative Technology at Orem Pediatric Dentistry for Children's Dental Anesthesia

Orem Pediatric Dentistry provides our young patients with the highest dental care standards. For this reason, we’re excited to announce the latest innovation in dental anesthesia delivery: the SleeperOne. This new device revolutionizes the way we administer local anesthesia to children, ensuring a relatively painless experience. We are thrilled by the results we are seeing in our young patients. So, join us and learn about this great new device that enhances the comfort of children’s dentistry!

How the SleeperOne Delivers Painless Children’s Dental Anesthesia

The SleeperOne is an electronic injection pen that delivers local anesthesia in dentistry. Operating through electronic controls, mechanical components, and disposable cartridges containing local anesthetic solutions, here is how it functions:

  • This device features controls that allow Dr. Bruce to adjust various settings, such as flow rate, pressure, and injection speed.
  • Local anesthetic solutions are contained within disposable cartridges that Dr. Bruce inserts into the electronic injection pen. These cartridges come pre-filled with the desired amount of anesthetic. The prefilled cartridge simplifies the process, saving time and effort during the administration of anesthesia
  • With a needle attachment, Dr. Bruce inserts the pen into the patient’s tissue to deliver the anesthetic. The pen’s precision ensures a controlled and consistent flow of the solution for precise and targeted anesthesia delivery.

Precision and Comfort for Children’s Dental Anesthesia

One of the primary advantages of the SleeperOne is its ability to deliver local anesthesia with unparalleled precision and control. Specifically designed for the unique needs of pediatric patients, it offers a gentle and gradual injection process, minimizing discomfort and anxiety.

Streamlined Procedure, Enhanced Efficiency

At Orem Pediatrics, we understand the importance of efficiency in pediatric dental procedures. With the SleeperOne pen, Dr. Bruce can perform injections with greater speed and accuracy, reducing chair time and creating a more streamlined experience for patients and parents.

Empowering Dentists, Delighting Our Young Patients

Beyond its technical capabilities, the SleeperOne pen empowers Dr. Bruce to tailor anesthesia delivery to each child’s needs. With customizable settings and intuitive controls, our team can ensure optimal comfort and efficacy for every patient, enhancing overall satisfaction and compliance with dental treatment.

Safety First, Always for Children’s Dental Anesthesia

At Orem Pediatrics, safety is our top priority. The SleeperOne pen has advanced safety features, including needle retraction mechanisms and disposable cartridges, to minimize the risk of needlestick injuries and maintain a sterile environment throughout the procedure.

Embracing Innovation for a Brighter Smile

We dedicate ourselves at Orem Pediatrics to embracing innovation for the benefit of our patients. Introducing the SleeperOne pen into our practice reaffirms our commitment to providing compassionate, comprehensive, and cutting-edge dental services for children of all ages.

Experience the Difference of Children’s Dental Anesthesia at Orem Pediatrics

Are you ready to experience the next generation of pediatric dental care? Schedule an appointment with Orem Pediatrics today and discover the transformative benefits of the SleeperOne. Our friendly and experienced team is here to ensure that every child enjoys a positive and stress-free dental experience from start to finish. At Orem Pediatrics, we’re not just creating healthy smiles but shaping brighter futures, one child at a time.

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