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At Orem Pediatric, we understand the power of a confident smile. As a leading pediatric dentistry and orthodontic care provider, we’re dedicated to delivering innovative solutions. Among our services, FastBraces stands out, offering a journey to straighter smiles that’s fast, safe, and effective. Read on to find out how your child can benefit from FastBraces in Orem, UT at Orem Pediatric.

Embracing Innovation: The FastBraces Advantage

FastBraces represents a revolutionary approach to orthodontic treatment. At Orem Pediatric, we’ve witnessed the remarkable speed with which teeth can be straightened. Patients achieve results in a fraction of the time compared to conventional braces. FastBraces is the technology you can trust since 1992 to move teeth fast and safely. It is great for teenagers and adults who are looking to straighten their teeth quickly with quality results without cutting corners for speed. This affordable technology, used in countries all over the world, is available in discreet tooth-colored esthetic clear or metal braces that enable dentists to complete treatments easily, comfortably, and really fast, even in about 100 days. That’s because the technology behind the FASTBRACES® revolutionary innovations and patented braces methods help restore the morphology of healthy bone around the crooked teeth as they become straight and simultaneously treat the gingivitis around them for an even healthier mouth.

Our Commitment to Your Comfort and Safety

Your well-being is our top priority. We recommend FastBraces for their rapid results and commitment to patient comfort and safety. With FastBraces, patients experience minimal discomfort and enjoy a smoother transition throughout treatment. Tailored Solutions for Every Smile

Personalized care is essential at Orem Pediatric. We work closely with each patient to develop a customized treatment plan that meets their unique needs and goals. With FastBraces, we tackle a wide range of orthodontic concerns efficiently and effectively.

The Controversy of Mail-Order Clear Aligners

A close-up of Smile Direct Club and bankruptcy sign.

The emphasis on safety becomes starkly evident when comparing FastBraces to mail-order clear aligners. While mail-order clear aligners may seem convenient, they often lack the oversight and professional guidance crucial for ensuring safe and effective orthodontic treatment. Recent events, such as the shutdown of Smile Direct Club due to regulatory concerns and patient complaints, highlight the potential risks associated with remote orthodontic treatment.

FastBraces, on the other hand, are administered at Orem Pediatric under the supervision of our DDS, Dr. Bruce Howell. Dr. Howell closely monitors each patient’s progress. This in-person supervision minimizes the risk of potential complications and ensures that the treatment remains on track to achieve the desired outcomes. Additionally, FastBraces utilizes a proven orthodontic system backed by research and clinical experience, assuring patients that their dental health is in capable hands. By choosing FastBraces, individuals can enjoy the benefits of accelerated teeth straightening without compromising safety or effectiveness, making it a superior solution to mail-order clear aligners.

The Health Benefits to Straightening Teeth with FastBraces

Did you know that crooked or crowded teeth are a bigger problem than just appearance?

Not only have studies shown that a straighter smile improves self-esteem, but braces can also solve many of the following issues:

  • Recurring cavities
  • Speech impediment
  • Grinding teeth at night.
  • Periodontal disease & bone erosion
  • Exacerbating existing mental health issues
  • Discomfort & injuries from protruding teeth
  • Inability to chew effectively, leading to poor digestive health.

It isn’t worth letting your child suffer.

Let us straighten that smile, improve self-confidence, and eliminate the ongoing (and potentially expensive) issues that can stem from misaligned teeth.


At Orem Pediatric, we believe every child deserves a healthy, beautiful smile. With FastBraces, we can make that dream a reality faster and more comfortable than ever before. In summary, FastBraces are:

  • Really Fast Treatment
  • Even in about 100 Days
  • Safe, Easy, and Affordable

Schedule a consultation with our team today and embark on a personalized journey to straighter smiles—fast, safe, and uniquely tailored to you. Embarking on the FastBraces journey at Orem Pediatric is more than just a dental appointment. It’s a step towards greater confidence and a brighter future. Our team provides support, encouragement, and expert care to help patients achieve the smile of their dreams.

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